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Travel - Restaurant Review - World Garden Cafe - Leh - Ladakh _ India - LifeThoughtsCamera

Restaurant Review : World Garden Café in Leh, Ladakh (India) | Life Thoughts Camera


Verdict     About The Restaurant The World Garden Café restaurant in the town of Leh (India) is located pretty close to the main market area just off the turn into Chanspa. The garden restaurant/bakery serves quite a wide variety of food, see for yourself, the list just goes on. They serve Chinese, Continental, Indian,

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Travel - Restaurant Review - Dyu Art Cafe - Bengaluru _ India - Life Thoughts Camera

Restaurant Review : “Dyu Art Cafe” in Koramangala, Bengaluru city (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

Verdict   “Dyu Art Café” is situated on the peaceful side of Koramangala area, close to Mangala Kalyana Mantapa.   We always do a bit of driving around finding a spot to park, during holidays it is a bit hard to find parking. As the Café is away in the calm lane it is quite

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Travel - Restaurant Review - Sector 7 Cafe - Bangalore _ India - LifeThoughtsCamera.com

Restaurant Review : “Sector 7 Cafe” in HSR Layout, Bengaluru city (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

   Verdict    “Sector 7 Cafe” I find the name very quirky and genius as it is named after the address that it is located in but on the other hand what happens when they open another restaurant in a totally different area?   This restaurant which is located on the first is very easily

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Travel - Restaurant Review - The Irish House - Bangalore _ India - LifeThoughtsCamera

Restaurant Review : “The Irish House” in VR Mall, Bengaluru city (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

 Verdict     The Irish House, located at VR Mall in Bengaluru city brings a touch of Ireland to the city, they have over 10 branches across Mumbai, Pune, and Kolkata in India. Situated on the top floor of the mall one cannot miss this bar cum restaurant as it has a bright eye-catching entrance

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Travel - Restaurant Review - Harrys Bar and Cafe - Bangalore _ India - Life Thoughts Camera

Restaurant Review : “Harry’s Bar + Cafe” in Phoenix Market City Mall, Bengaluru city (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

  Verdict   Harry’s is the of the many restaurants that are located inside the Phoenix Market City Mall in Whitefield, Bengaluru (India). Walked right beside their big logo and I entered into space whose main light came from their huge big screen. The interiors looked good, dark and moody with a hint of light

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Restaurant Review : “Chef Baker’s” in HSR Layout, Bengaluru city (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

Verdict       With over 10 outlets, Chef Baker’s is becoming popular, especially for their custom cakes. I have never visited any of their other stores but once I saw them set up in HSR it was much easier for me to just pop over and check it out :D.   Decor This outlet

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Restaurant Review : “Barley and Grapes Cafe” in Phoenix Market City Mall, Bangalore (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

Verdict     Phoenix Market City is one of the malls that I visit with my friends to usually catch a movie, mostly we dine elsewhere and then head on to the mall. This time, we decided to visit one of the restaurants located on the mall premises. We were drawn to this tiny tastefully

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Restaurant Review : “Gesmo” in Leh, Ladakh (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

Verdict     We spent the entire afternoon walking around and shopping in the main Leh market. Walking in such a high altitude place turned out to be very tiresome, I would stop to catch my breath every 10 steps or so. All this slow pacing caught up and it was dinner time, we decided

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Restaurant Review : “The Tibetan Kitchen” in Ladakh (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

 Verdict    After spending the day doing some sightseeing we had to curb the rumbling from our tummy. Decided to do check out “The Tibetan Kitchen” restaurant, this was suggested by many during my online research.   We had some issues in parking, I so wish that these popular establishments do some kind of arrangement

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Restaurant Review : “The Old House” in Mysore (India) | Life Thoughts Camera

 Verdict   We visited this restaurant for lunch when we were en route to Bengaluru from Bandipur after our trip. We were still driving and it was nearby lunch time, we were thinking were to have our food in Mysore, as we were hunting in Google our friend remembered seeing all the hoardings on the

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