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Sonam Kapoor App

Bollywood actress Sonam Kapoor launches her own app | Life Thoughts Camera


For the first time ever, a Bollywood actress launches her own app. Actress Sonam Kapoor’s app called  “Sonam Kapoor” has several features like fan chats,  live streaming, messaging and much more.   Sonam is considered to be one of the fashion icons of the youth today. And this app provides all the exclusive content for

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Pedicure Tights 9

Pedicure Tights, stockings with printed toe nail art | Life Thoughts Camera

The trend I will be talking about today, is the “Pedicure Tights”, to be more specific, ultra-sheer tights/stockings with pre-painted nail art designs for your toes. Sounds like a lazy-girls beauty hack. These tights that are sold by a Japanese retailer Belle Maison. They sell a variety of pantyhose which can be worn along with

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miriammarroquinn - contour using toothbrush

Contour with your toothbrush | Life Thoughts Camera

A lot of videos and images on the net show how to apply contour. But have you seen the ones where the artist uses just a regular toothbrush?  Artists demonstrate contouring i.e. sculpting the face using a toothbrush. Beauty Hack Fail Or Holy Grail? Thoothbrush Face Contour press▶️ play full video is up on my📽

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cocoa swatches

Cocoa Swatches – the Mobile App shows how the makeup looks on Dark Skin Tones | Life Thoughts Camera

Amaka created an Instagram account called “Cocoa Swatches”. This account showcases all kinds of beauty products, focused on skin tones that are not commonly seen in mainstream media. The Instagram account got so popular that a groundbreaking makeup app got launched, Cocoa Swatches (free, iOS and Android). I'm so happy to FINALLY release this news!!

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Queen of Luna

Transforms into Cartoon characters while wearing a Hijab | Life Thoughts Camera

Malaysian makeup artist Saraswati (goes by the name Queen of Luna) transforms herself into cartoon characters all while wearing a hijab, which she fashions to look like the characters hair/cape. I love the creativeness, instead of using different wigs, Saraswati just styles her hijab, of course, it takes the time to perfectly match them to

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Two-toned Lips | Life Thoughts Camera

The style of wearing two lipsticks at the same time making sure that they complement each other is picking up. This is popularly known as in the beauty world as two-toned lips. The combinations are countless. People are pairing two complementary colors from the same colour wheel family. Or, for an even more dynamic look,

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Face jewel

Face Jewelry, a new accessory | Life Thoughts Camera

From bejeweled face masks to glittering skulls, the face jewelry is going to the next level. The jewels stay intact as they are glued on to anchor them into place as one does with fake eyelashes. The look varies from subtle to elaborate designer facial baubles. Apart from being an eye stopper, you might even

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Libertine fall - winter 2016 - 1

The Fur Nail trend | Life Thoughts Camera

Furry Nails is the craziest nail trend of the moment. Jan Arnold, style director and co-founder of CND nail polish had something special for the Libertine fall/winter 2016. The models walked down the runway at the show sporting faux fur on their nails. Yes, on their fingernails, not on coats, hats or scarves. The effect

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Glitter pits

The latest trend “Glitter Arm Pits”

One of the popular trends that have hit the fashion scene is the “Glitter Arm Pits”. Oh no, you did not miss read it, “Glitter Arm Pits” is the new fashion statement. It comprises all elements, from fun looking to creating a feminist campaign popularly known as #GlitterPits. Growing out the armpit hair has become

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Neck Contouring, the next level of contouring | Life Thoughts Camera

The next level of contouring, neck contouring. One of the latest viral trends, contouring isn’t just for the face anymore. Girls have begun painting the backs of their necks every shade of skin color and bronzer  to achieve the naturally beautiful neckline they desire.     Neck Contour HACK for slimmer graceful looking Updos! ?

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